Niagara Falls Half

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Running

This past Sunday I ran the half marathon as part of the Niagara Falls Marathon Weekend. It was a great day to race next to no wind and sunny and warm. The race went out extreamly fast and after a few quick km three of us had broken away from the feild. I remember going through 5k in 14:49 knowing I had another 16k to go but just had to stay with the the group as I didn’t want to be in no man’s land which can often kill your race. However after making it to the 10k in 30:10 I began to fall off no longer able to run the 3 minute k’s anymore. This could have been really bad falling off and running on my own, but I was able to get into a 3:10k pace which considering the early part of the race I felt was very solid. At around 15-16k another runner caught up to me, and just ran off my shoulder, we went through 10 miles in 49:10. The pace stayed fixed at 3:10 and I just counted the k’s to the finish. With about 400m to go in the race I tried making a move to pull away, but there was nothing there and I watched as 3rd place ran off. I was still very happy as I crossed the finish line in 65:25 nearly a one minute faster then my personal best time.

Top 5 finishers

1 3632 Dagim Yeshitela Toronto 1:04:28.5 3:04
2 2573 Bernard Langat Santafe 1:05:04.1 3:06
3 1520 Sai’D Ali-Hadji Montreal 1:05:22.0 3:06
4 2875 Derek Nakluski Kitchener 1:05:25.5 3:07
5 3066 Baghdad Rachem Montreal 1:06:46.1 3:10

  1. adam says:

    Hey man, I really like the set up of your new blog. The name is good to. Lets get some pictures and videoas up on both of our blogs soon though.

  2. stefay says:

    Great blog so far Derek! I like the background/setup:)

  3. jason says:

    didn’t know race went out that fast sounds like u can pop a 104 no sweat mcool blog

  4. Andre LeFort says:

    Hi Derek! Congrats on the fantastic PB. I found your blog as you linked to it on and I’ll be checking back once in a while to follow you along.

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