Niagara Running Sereis Points Leader

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Running

Throughout the year I’ve been running many road race events invovled in the Subaru Niagara Running Sereis. The sereis of seven events has a points rating for the top ten in each race. With 100 pints to the winner of the race and goes down ten points every place 2nd 90 3rd 80 and so on. There is an overall title, but there is also points and awards for every age group aswell. The sereis is very well run by Jerry Friesen the race director. All the races are flat and fast which makes for good times. Thus far I’ve run four of the six races with the final race Casablanca Classic 8k being the final event Nov. 13 which I plan on running, there will be a solid feild of elite runners that day with Reid Coolsaet the course record holder 23:21, former sereis champion Josephat Ongeri, and last years Casablanca Classic Champion Adam Hortian among a few of the elites I’ll be competing aginist. Thus far in the sereis I’ve had three 2nd place finishes and one win. My three 2nd place finishes came at the expense of Ongeri (twice) and Coolsaet, so  Nov. 13 will be a challenge, but it’s one I look forward too and I hope at the end of the day I’ll be the Niagara Running Sereis Champion!

My Race Performances in the Niagara Sereis 2010

Run the Grapes Half Marathon Sept 19 1st 70:16

Peach Bud 10k June 29 2nd 30:22

Jordan 5k April 10 2nd 14:37

Grimsby Half Marathon Febuary 28 2nd 68:50

Current Points Standings

1st 370 Derek Nakluski

2nd 300 Josephat Ongeri

3rd 290 Victor Gatundu

I recommend this sereis to all runners it’s fast and it’s fun.


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