Casablanca Classic

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Running

Today I ran the final race of the Niagara Running Sereis, feeling a little under the weather. When the race started it didn’t take long for the feild to spread out. At the 2K mark there were three of us running alone up front, my training partner Adam Hortian, Lucus McAneney, and I in the lead pack. The race continued this way till past the half way mark which we went through in around 12:15. Shortly after this Lucus started falling a little back. By the 5K mark Adam made a few steps on me, but I satyed in striking range until 6K when Adam pulled a little further ahead and went on to win his second Casablanca Classic in as many years. I hung in there and came through the finish in 24:30 for even slpits in the race. Adam won the race in 24:16. Although I didn’t win the race I did end up with 460 points in the Niagara Running Sereis which was enough for me to claim the sereis title.

Top Three

1 Adam HORTIAN Waterloo     248 24:16.8 24:16.8 3:03 Men 25 – 29 1/14 1/197
2 Derek NAKLUSKI Kitchener     243 24:30.8 24:30.8 3:04 Men 25 – 29 2/14 2/197
3 Lucas MCANENEY Toronto     302 24:43.3 24:43.3 3:06 Men 20 – 24 1/8 3/197

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