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Saucony Hurricane

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Running

This past week I got a letter in the mail when I opened it I was very happy to see that I would be sponsored by Saucony as a member of the Saucony Hurricane team for the 2011 season. This is very exciting for me as it will be my first running sponsorship of this kind. As I try to improve and train towards my goals as a runner, I have been working part time at McDonald’s not being able to make a ton of money. So to have the burden of not having to buy running shoes (which can be very expensive) and training gear is a nice little reward. This is not the only reason I was excited, I also look forward to running in my new Saucony gear and representing Saucony at all the road races and other running related events I do in the 2011 season. I really hope that this is a team that I’ll be on for many years to come. Saucony has always been one of my favourite shoes as they are very high quality. The third reason I’m excited to join the Saucony Hurricane team is because two of my long time running teammates Adam Hortian and Steve Drew are both members of the Saucony Hurricane team.

Crash Karma

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Music

Last Night I went to a concert in downtown Kitchener at The Hive. I was going to see Crash Karma which features Edwin  (I Mother Earth) Jeff Burrows (The Tea Party) Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace) and Amir Epstein (Zygote). Lucus Stagg opened for them and was very good playing an acoustic set before Crash Karma took the stage. The Hive is a small bar on King street in Downtown Kitchener which provided for a very intimate setting. The set was amazing as Crash Karma played songs from there debut album well mixing in some great songs from their former bands. They played Superman’s Dead (OLP), Temptation (The Tea Party), Used to be Alright (I Mother Earth) during the set. When they finished there set they didn’t leave the stage as the club was extremly small so they went into there three song encore which included Alive (Edwin), One More Astronaut (I Mother Earth), and Fight (Crash Karma’s top single). It was amazing as I was able to stand right at the stage three people deep. Crash Karma is a great group and I can see them getting better as the years go on. After the show I ran into Edwin well heading to the washroom and shook his hand telling him that they put on a great show. I look forward to there next album and if they return to Kitchener I will be at the show.