Winter Training

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Running

Every runner knows that running can be tough at times, and the winter can be one of the hardest times. Try getting out the door when it’s -10 outside windy and you have to run through the snow. With my current training I try to do things to make the winter more duriable. I try to do one workout a week in the Rec Center in Waterloo,  it’s got a 230m indoor track that just got resurfaced and is a great way to get a good workout in during the winter. The other thing I do is have my mileage a little lower, as many of my key races are later in the spring and I can build up my mileage as it gets closer to spring. Also it’s nice if you can make a trip down south for a week during the winter and break it up, you’d be surprized how much you enjoy running on the grass. The biggest thing is too have something to train for, a future race or races throughout the winter keep me motivated. I am running the Robbie Burns race, an 8k Jan. 22 and this keeps me excited and accountable. The real reason this winter hasn’t been that bad is that I’m preparing for the Ottawa Marathon on May 29th. Although this is nearly 5 months from now I know that what I do now can affect the outcome of that race, allowing me to do lower mileage (thus far 70 mile weeks) now and some speed workouts on the track will get me fit, but wont wipe me out so that when race day does come I’ll be fit and not overtrained.

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