Robbie Burns

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Running

This past Sunday I ran my first race on the 2011 season, and one thing about racing in the winter is the weather can be a huge factor. When the gun went off the temp. was -29C, needless to say it fealt cold. When the gun went off a mystory man took off, being so early in the year I let him get a decent lead in the first half km, but after that I began to slowly reel him in until I finally pasted him at the 3k mark. I found out after the race the mystory man was Rob Denault. When I passed Rob I was running on my own chasing the lead police car that at one point stopped and I almost had to go around him, but he drove ahead at that point. Rob stayed close, but I was out front running on my own. At around 4k we made a turn and were running towards the sun, which I must say fealt extreamly nice. Still I wanted to get the race over with as fast as possible and ran steady towards the finish. I crossed the line in 26:07, with Rob finishing next in 26:33 and Steve Koziarski 26:44 rounding out the top three. Megan Brown was the first woman in 27:36. I was happy with my first race of 2011 as I was able to get the win and a solid first race under my belt. I hope to continue to improve throughout the season and get ready for the Ottawa Marathon in late May.

  1. Kyle Desormeaux says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog Derek. If you want to spend a weekend in Ottawa and run on the race course, Bridget and I (my girlfriend) can have you for the weekend in our apt if you want. If not, I’ll see you in Waterloo before May or in May for your race.

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