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Posted: February 16, 2011 in Running

This winter I made the decision to move up to the Marathon and to do so in Ottawa. What does this mean for training, well it seems to mean that I’ll be doing more mileage then I’ve ever done before and that my workouts will continue to become longer and longer as May approaches. Adding mileage in todays Canadian winters can be tough mentally. Adding mileage hasn’t been as difficult as I had thought. First off I have to say that in the past I’ve always been in a 10mile mode that was my distance to go out and run everyday and when you added in a little extra mileage with one or two doubles your workout days depending on the volume of the workouts and the long run, I was banking in the 80’s and 90’s mileage wise. I mean it was easy 70 minutes ten miles seven days a week is a decent 70 mile week. While looking to run more now training for the marathon I started running a little longer then the 10 miles I usually did and it became 11-12 and now has gone to anywhere from 13-16 depending on the day. I remember before when I was running 10 mile days consistently my legs would get heavy if I extended it to 11 or 12 miles I don’t get that feeling anymore. I became very happy when I built up into the 90’s on only single runs. Now I’ve added one or two doubles and am running 100 plus. I just do longer regular runs have decent volume in my workouts and do longer cool downs and sometimes longer warm-ups, and a solid long run. I feel great even though I’m running more, I tend to eat alot after some of my longer sessions, and be a little more tired and have to go to sleep a little earlier then I usually do, but that’s how you make it through the long days of endless miles.