1500m Intervals

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Running

Yesterday did a repeat 1500m on the roads with training partner Adam Hortian. The idea was to run quick maybe more of a 10k workout to induce some speed. The interval was one long street with one turn mid-way. It was flat and we’d run from one end to the other with 4 minutes recovery. Intervals two and four were done into a little wind. My thought going in was we’d run maybe 4:30ish for the first interval and work are way down to low 4:20’s. When we started I was like this feels fast and hard if it’s a 4:30 then I don’t know if I’ll ever run fast again. Well at the end of the first repeat Adam was a step ahead and called out the split 4:10. We then figured it was 8:20 pace. For workouts I tend to be a slow starter and work into it, Adam likes to go right after it. In tempos I tend to go out a little faster and Adam likes to work into it. Well the four minute recovery seemed a little long at first, but later in the workout it would be needed. The second interval was done into a slight wind and seemed a little better having already done one, we ran it in 4:14, but the effort was the same or better when you add in the wind factor. The third one which is the middle interval wasn’t to bad kept the same pace 4:14. I knew we were looking at a good workout at this point and just had to stay the course and build the confidence for later races. The 4th interval was done into a little harder wind then the 2nd interval, but I felt my best on this one. Although it was are slowest time 4:19 the effort was still there and the wind made it a little slower. We decided to finish after the 5th interval which will allow us to build on this workout in the upcoming weeks by adding more intervals. The 5th interval started well and by the half-way point the one turn on the course me and Adam were togeather, after the turn Adam pulled ahead and made a gap. A driver rolled down his window “You guys are making me tired and I’m driving!” The rest of the interval I worked to catch Adam, but he pulled ahead and finished the workout about 10 seconds ahead of me in a steller 4:07, I was happy to finish in 4:18, finishing a solid workout. Down the line, come race day I know that a workout like this will only help the outcome of my race.

  1. a bomb says:

    hey dude,

    you should keep up the blog, its a good one.

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