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Montreal Half Marathon

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Running

So this past weekend was the Canadian Half Marathon Champs in Montreal. I had some high hopes of competing for a medal. So when the gun went off I took off after Reid Coolsaet and Matt Loiselle and it seemed like they were going after a fast time. After going through 3k in 8:56 I started to lose a little ground after the ambitious start which was a little tough training for the marathon. By 5k the chase pack caught up to me and a nice little group was formed it would be important as it was extremely windy that day. After battling it out and getting to the 10k in 31:15 the race started to go downhill for me. At the time I was running with a group of four, three Brooks Project guys and myself. After the half way point I fell off just a bit which ended up being costly over the next 3-5k which were into the wind. At around 13-14k training partner Adam Hortian passed me, I stayed with him for a short period before he pulled away for good. Then before the 16k mark Mike Thorson also passed quite easily. The rest of the race was lonely although I was caught with about a km to go, but was able to outkick Amor Dehbi to finish 9th and the 8th Canadian. This wasn’t my greatest race and I think I would have fared better if I had gone out a little more conservatively considering the windy conditions, but you have to go after it sometimes, this just wasn’t one of those times. I ran 69:28 and had hoped to place better as no one ran their fastest times due to the conditions. Reid won the race in 64:54.

News Article

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Running

I’m quite happy that the local paper has taken an interest in me. Here are two articles that I’m featured in after Around the Bay. Unfortiunately you have to copy and paste to view them.–runner-is-keeping-pace-with-big-dreams–kitchener-runner-wins-historic-race