Montreal Half Marathon

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Running

So this past weekend was the Canadian Half Marathon Champs in Montreal. I had some high hopes of competing for a medal. So when the gun went off I took off after Reid Coolsaet and Matt Loiselle and it seemed like they were going after a fast time. After going through 3k in 8:56 I started to lose a little ground after the ambitious start which was a little tough training for the marathon. By 5k the chase pack caught up to me and a nice little group was formed it would be important as it was extremely windy that day. After battling it out and getting to the 10k in 31:15 the race started to go downhill for me. At the time I was running with a group of four, three Brooks Project guys and myself. After the half way point I fell off just a bit which ended up being costly over the next 3-5k which were into the wind. At around 13-14k training partner Adam Hortian passed me, I stayed with him for a short period before he pulled away for good. Then before the 16k mark Mike Thorson also passed quite easily. The rest of the race was lonely although I was caught with about a km to go, but was able to outkick Amor Dehbi to finish 9th and the 8th Canadian. This wasn’t my greatest race and I think I would have fared better if I had gone out a little more conservatively considering the windy conditions, but you have to go after it sometimes, this just wasn’t one of those times. I ran 69:28 and had hoped to place better as no one ran their fastest times due to the conditions. Reid won the race in 64:54.

  1. Francois Marchand says:

    I think it’s a disappointing race for all. Being alone between kilometers 12 and 15 were the worst that could happen to us. The conditions were not optimal for a time yesterday. My expectations were too high for this race (not as much as you in position and time) and I miss it too. You’re a very good runner and you will have a good one soon, I have no doubt!

    PS I’m also a runner on Saucony Hurricane Program.

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