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Ottawa Marathon and Season

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Running

While if you didn’t know the Ottawa Marathon didn’t go to plan as I dropped out at 25k. The race was set up really well and I can remember my heart racing in the early stages. After the race opened up I was running with a group of four guys till just before the half-way mark where I went through in 69:08. After falling off I tried to make up the gap with little success. The marathon is a long and lonely race when you’re running alone and when you add in the fact that the gruop you were with is pulling away it’s a tough mental test that I couldn’t overcome. I just felt I was slowing and having to run another 21k would have been difficult something that I wasn’t able to accomplish. I feel bad for dropping out because I was given elite status and they treated me really well. I also wanted to represent myself, TOC, and Saucony better. Although Ottawa didn’t go so well I was very happy with some of my accomplishments this season. Winning Around the Bay 30k is not only a season highlight, but also a career highlight being the first Canadian to win the race in 15 years was amazing. Also running a 2:28 marathon in Waterloo was a big step, I know that I can run faster.

As for now I feel really sore and will be taking about a month off running so I can come back with the same aspiration and drive that allows me to run well. I feel I did some really great training this season and at a point I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I feel my season may have been stretched out a little too long…this is something that I will learn and grow from!

One Week Out

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Running

While it’s been a long season training for the Marathon, but 2000 miles later I’m one week out from the Ottawa Marathon. I now feel that I’m ready for Ottawa there has been some tough weather including the last week where it seemed to rain every day and the long winter months dealing with the cold and the snow. To think next Sunday I’m going to be hoping for a cool day. I have to say that with the races I’ve done and the workouts I feel ready and able to do well on this stage. Having run two half marathons a 30k and a marathon to lead up to this race I feel that I’ve got a good idea of what it’ll take to run a good marathon. I think it’s important to learn from both your mistakes as well as the successes, I learned a lot from a poor performance in Montreal to stay within myself, and better performances at Around the Bay and the Waterloo Marathon allowed me to run at a set pace and more importantly gain confidence about my fitness and ability to run the marathon distance. This season has had the main goal of running well in Ottawa, and over the past few months of racing and training I feel that I`m ready to do that.

Waterloo Marathon

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Running

Being just four weeks out from the Ottawa Marathon, it was time for a dress rehearsal. So I wanted to run a low key marathon working on finding a pace and keeping on it. I also felt that running the full marathon distance would help me when I get into the later parts of the Ottawa Marathon I’ll have a much better idea of what those last miles are going to feel like. Going into the Waterloo Marathon I had planned to run 3:30 km looking to run in the 2:30 range. The start went great I was hitting 3:30’s right on for the first 2k. After that I was hitting anywhere from 3:30-35 and was really getting into a grove. After passing the 10k mark 35:10, I started getting into it a little better running several km under my 3:30 pace. At this point I was running alone. The race conditions were good temp. was great, overcast and under 10C, but there were a few long roads where the race was heading into a headwind. After passing the 30k mark I was in new territory, I didn’t feel tired at any point, but I found that the last several km my legs were feeling really heavy. I hope that with a better taper this wont factor in as much in Ottawa. I came in and finished in 2:28:20 which ended up being 3:31 km average, I think the last few K’s were a little slower, but I feel this is something I can improve on four weeks from now!