One Week Out

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Running

While it’s been a long season training for the Marathon, but 2000 miles later I’m one week out from the Ottawa Marathon. I now feel that I’m ready for Ottawa there has been some tough weather including the last week where it seemed to rain every day and the long winter months dealing with the cold and the snow. To think next Sunday I’m going to be hoping for a cool day. I have to say that with the races I’ve done and the workouts I feel ready and able to do well on this stage. Having run two half marathons a 30k and a marathon to lead up to this race I feel that I’ve got a good idea of what it’ll take to run a good marathon. I think it’s important to learn from both your mistakes as well as the successes, I learned a lot from a poor performance in Montreal to stay within myself, and better performances at Around the Bay and the Waterloo Marathon allowed me to run at a set pace and more importantly gain confidence about my fitness and ability to run the marathon distance. This season has had the main goal of running well in Ottawa, and over the past few months of racing and training I feel that I`m ready to do that.

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  2. link11 says:

    Hi Derek,
    What happened to you yesterday? Did you get injured?

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