Ottawa Marathon and Season

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Running

While if you didn’t know the Ottawa Marathon didn’t go to plan as I dropped out at 25k. The race was set up really well and I can remember my heart racing in the early stages. After the race opened up I was running with a group of four guys till just before the half-way mark where I went through in 69:08. After falling off I tried to make up the gap with little success. The marathon is a long and lonely race when you’re running alone and when you add in the fact that the gruop you were with is pulling away it’s a tough mental test that I couldn’t overcome. I just felt I was slowing and having to run another 21k would have been difficult something that I wasn’t able to accomplish. I feel bad for dropping out because I was given elite status and they treated me really well. I also wanted to represent myself, TOC, and Saucony better. Although Ottawa didn’t go so well I was very happy with some of my accomplishments this season. Winning Around the Bay 30k is not only a season highlight, but also a career highlight being the first Canadian to win the race in 15 years was amazing. Also running a 2:28 marathon in Waterloo was a big step, I know that I can run faster.

As for now I feel really sore and will be taking about a month off running so I can come back with the same aspiration and drive that allows me to run well. I feel I did some really great training this season and at a point I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I feel my season may have been stretched out a little too long…this is something that I will learn and grow from!


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