Highland Games 10k Run

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Running

While two and a half months after the Ottawa Marathon, I’m back training and decided to test my running legs again. I’ve been running mileage for about a month and a half now and just finished my second week of workouts, so running the Fergus Highland Games 10k along the Grand River I didn’t really have a set goal just run a solid effort and see where I’m at. The race started at 9am and there were three of us up at the front for the first few km. The first km was 3:12 which is right on 32 minute pace which made me feel I was on the right track, if I could keep it at this pace I would be very happy with the effort. Just before 3k was the biggest hill on the course maybe 100m or so and I pushed it up, shortly after the 3k mark I pulled away from the other competitors in the race slowly. Now I was on my own for the next 7k and just trying to get through it, what helpped was having listened too Living Colour-Cult of Personality (CM Punks theme song) which was playing in my head for most of the race. I got to 5k in 15:58 and felt if I stayed the course I would run sub 32 minutes and would be very happy with the race. At 6k there was a downhill which I think made up for the uphill earlier. I just kept focused and on track and run through the 8k mark in 25:28 this is just a week after running a 27:48 8k tempo and today I had 2k to go. My next km was a 3:12 so it was around average for the day before I turned it up for the last km which I covered in 3:02 with a bit of an uphill to the finish. This was good enough for a 31:42 and a negative split which I ran on my own of 15:44. I’m very happy with the result and am progressing quite well thus far.

I’m planning on running another Marathon this fall and will announce it sometime soon on my blog!

  1. Catherine says:

    Great job, Derek!

  2. Jayson says:

    Great run!

    and a fall marathon?! Toronto Waterfront?? You would be a great addition to the rest of the Canadian field out there!

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