Fall Marathon

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Running

Fall is on the way and for me that means training for another Marathon. Ottawa didn’t go so well for me and I think I learned from the experience, my build-up was way too long, I did too much racing leading up to my key race and when I got to the race external factors such as the elite field got into my head a little bit. I did run a 2:28 in the Waterloo Marathon on May 1st running it mostly on my own and hitting the pace I set for myself, I also run well at Around the Bay. So I feel that I can put a good Marathon together and really get into the mix with some of the top Canadians around the country in the Marathon. That being said a lot of people have asked if I’ll do the Toronto Waterfront Marathon this fall, it seems that the majority of the top Canadian Marathoners are already in the field so wouldn’t this be a good opportunity. Well I’m not going to be running Toronto. I’m fairly new too the Marathon and just want to get confident that I can run well at the Marathon distance and Toronto would have too many external factors to deal with. That being said I still want to run fast and continue to progress and gain confidence in the Marathon. So I want to run a flat and fast course seemingly close to home where I can also have a little fun. I’ve decided to run the Detroit Marathon which is on the same day as Toronto Waterfront October 16th. I think it will be a big day for Canadian Marathoners and I’ll be part of it, just a little out of the limelight.


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