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Run for the Grapes Half Marathon

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Running

Well it was time for my second race of the fall yesterday and one that would be a little more helpful as a good marathon prep race. The competition was a bit tougher then my first race as recent training partner Terence Attema and long time series rival Josephat Ongeri were in the field. After the gun went off Terence lead the race through the first km in 3:08 keeping things honest. After that was a big hill one of two on the course that slowed us down, and the pace went south as we ended up running one early km in over 3:20. At around 5k which we went through in 16:10, Josephat put in a real solid surge which seen the next few km in the mid to low 3 minute range. At this point it had become just the three of us running together, at 7k we went down a long windy road, still running a solid 3:10 km during this tough stretch passing the 8k mark in 25:28. Through the next several km the pace stayed solid in the 3:08-3:14 range. We passed 10k in 31:52 and I can say for myself that I was still feeling quite good and fresh. We continued along till the 10 mile mark which we passed in 51 flat, with just over 5k to go we were still all together and I made my move putting in my own surge to try and break my opponents. The 17th km was 2:56 followed by a couple low 3 minute K’s. This gave me the gap I was looking for coming home, the last km was a little rough and had the other hill on the course, but I was able to cross the line with the win in 66:40. After creating a decent gap on Terence he was able to close it a bit in the last km to finish second in 66:45 a nice pb for him. Josephat finished third in 67:20 to round out the top three. I was very happy with this race and continue to gain confidence in every race I run, it shows that my training is paying dividends.

Run for the Grapes Half Marathon

1 Derek Nakluski KITCHENER 566 1:06:40.7 1:06:40.7 3:10 Men 25 – 29 1/15 1/232
2 Terence Attema SMITHVILLE 28 1:06:45.9 1:06:45.9 3:10 Men 20 – 24 1/8 2/232
3 Josephat Ongeri HAMILTON 590 1:07:20.2 1:07:20.2 3:12 Men 30 – 34 1/26 3/232

Workout in the Park

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Running

While I’ve been training on my own for awhile and just recently I’ve connected with Terence Attema via facebook. He just finished school at Campbell University and is now doing a graduate degree at the University of Waterloo. What does this mean while he wanted someone to train with and I needed someone to train with. Terence is coming off a great run at the Rock the Road 10k in London where he posted a 30:15 personal best for the 10k. We are both looking at running something longer this fall. So we decided to do 3x3k in Waterloo Park on a rolling ring road that is about 1000-1100m. The intervals may be a bit longer then 3k and we were taking 4 mintues between intervals. We do just under 3 loops of the ring road for the interval. The first one we just got into it and it seems like a feel out interval. I always seem to need an interval to get into the workout then my legs seem to be ready to go. We finished the first 3k in 9:53 a modest pace, but considering it’s the longest interval of the season thus far it was good. The next interval it seemed Terence was controling the pace although we were togeather for the entire interval I felt like I was hanging on a bit. We finished the second one 20 seconds faster in 9:33 (yeah that’s more like it.) On to the last interval now I wanted to go under 9:30 make it a real solid workout which would get a little quicker each interval. I seemed to pick it up around the one loop mark and Terence just trailed behind, I tried to keep the pressure on the whole interval so that we would run a good time, right near the end Terence pulled up beside me and we finished togeather in 9:22 (sub 9:30 goal accomplished). I was really happy with the workout as I felt I could run a little faster with a trainning partner. This workout along with an increase in mileage has helped my confidance as I get closer to Detroit.

Feeling Good

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Running

Well getting ready for another Marathon build-up I can’t say I don’t want to compare it to my first build-up. The biggest difference is the length, getting ready for Ottawa I was training for five months, going into Detroit I’m looking at two and a half months of workouts with a period before of just building mileage. My outlook is good, when things don’t go as planned like in Ottawa I wanted to change some things so I could run better. I ran well at Around the Bay in late March, which suggest I can get into good Marathon shape in well less then the five months leading up to Ottawa. Then there was Waterloo, which I really enjoyed when looking back on it, perhaps I also ran to many races in the spring. I feel my fall build-up will have less interruptions as I have three more races planned each two weeks apart, Run for the Grapes Half Marathon on September 18, followed by Festival City 10k on October 2, leading into the Detroit Marathon on October 16. I think the fall weather should be much better then a race in late May. I feel that running can have some trial and error especially when entering a new event such as the Marathon, I just want to understand myself and the marathon!