Feeling Good

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Running

Well getting ready for another Marathon build-up I can’t say I don’t want to compare it to my first build-up. The biggest difference is the length, getting ready for Ottawa I was training for five months, going into Detroit I’m looking at two and a half months of workouts with a period before of just building mileage. My outlook is good, when things don’t go as planned like in Ottawa I wanted to change some things so I could run better. I ran well at Around the Bay in late March, which suggest I can get into good Marathon shape in well less then the five months leading up to Ottawa. Then there was Waterloo, which I really enjoyed when looking back on it, perhaps I also ran to many races in the spring. I feel my fall build-up will have less interruptions as I have three more races planned each two weeks apart, Run for the Grapes Half Marathon on September 18, followed by Festival City 10k on October 2, leading into the Detroit Marathon on October 16. I think the fall weather should be much better then a race in late May. I feel that running can have some trial and error especially when entering a new event such as the Marathon, I just want to understand myself and the marathon!

  1. Derek Nakluski is going to line-up in Detroit on October 16th.

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