Workout in the Park

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Running

While I’ve been training on my own for awhile and just recently I’ve connected with Terence Attema via facebook. He just finished school at Campbell University and is now doing a graduate degree at the University of Waterloo. What does this mean while he wanted someone to train with and I needed someone to train with. Terence is coming off a great run at the Rock the Road 10k in London where he posted a 30:15 personal best for the 10k. We are both looking at running something longer this fall. So we decided to do 3x3k in Waterloo Park on a rolling ring road that is about 1000-1100m. The intervals may be a bit longer then 3k and we were taking 4 mintues between intervals. We do just under 3 loops of the ring road for the interval. The first one we just got into it and it seems like a feel out interval. I always seem to need an interval to get into the workout then my legs seem to be ready to go. We finished the first 3k in 9:53 a modest pace, but considering it’s the longest interval of the season thus far it was good. The next interval it seemed Terence was controling the pace although we were togeather for the entire interval I felt like I was hanging on a bit. We finished the second one 20 seconds faster in 9:33 (yeah that’s more like it.) On to the last interval now I wanted to go under 9:30 make it a real solid workout which would get a little quicker each interval. I seemed to pick it up around the one loop mark and Terence just trailed behind, I tried to keep the pressure on the whole interval so that we would run a good time, right near the end Terence pulled up beside me and we finished togeather in 9:22 (sub 9:30 goal accomplished). I was really happy with the workout as I felt I could run a little faster with a trainning partner. This workout along with an increase in mileage has helped my confidance as I get closer to Detroit.


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