Detroit Marathon

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Running

Well I ran the Detroit Marathon yesterday and it went well, as I took 1st place in 2:28:22. It was very interesting the race started at 7 am so it was still fairly dark the condition were cool with some wind and a little rainy in the later stages. Early on I was running with two half marathoners and some runners doing the marathon as part of the relay teams. After coming to the bridge to cross the boarder it was really cool crossing the boarder and at the top of the bridge I passed the 5k mark in 16:50 by the bottom of the bridge the half marathoners pulled away a little and made a gap. I was running in third on my own at this point and after going through 10k in 32:46 I was passed by a couple of relay runners as they had just made the exchange and were fresh. Shortly after that we entered the tunnel back to the United States. Bye Canada! The tunnel was a nice long downhill followed by a slight uphill. After the tunnel I passed one of the relay runners and was running in 4th for some time. Close to the 20k mark I went a little off course and when I seen the three runners ahead of me running towards me I was wondering if there was a turn around point, but they were all upset and running together, we had gone off course. It was maybe 100m or so for me, but longer for the other runners. After getting back on course I noticed a group of runners had passed us due too going off course some. I wasn’t that phased as I had a long way too go. I passed the half way mark in just under 1:11 and there was one other marathoner around me as well as a few relay members ahead of me. The next few miles I just tried to create a gap on the other marathoner and after a short while I was on my own running behind the lead car. I took the power gel at a station just after 20k and was rotating between water and gatorade at the water stations to keep my energy. I was now counting down the miles to the finish and when we crossed over to Belle Isle for 2 and a half miles it was really windy crossing the bridge. At this point my pace a slowed considerably, but I was getting closer to the finish and that was good. After the Isle the race followed the river shore along the pier, after that a slight hill just before 25 miles which felt like a mountain at this point sent me back towards downtown Detroit and the finish. The last mile and a bit was tough, but the last 200m the street was lined with spectators cheering me on to the finish. After the finish I was interviewed for the Detroit Free Press and some other local media. My second half was 1:17 and change a tough day. I have to say the marathon has humbled me and I think I’m going to take a brake from that distance for awhile. I’m excited about winning my second marathon of the year and having an undefeated fall season.

  1. Lawrence says:

    Congrats Derek!! That’s a lot races in such a short period.

    It’s Lawrence from Waterloo. I hope to see you around in the Rec Centre in the winter.

  2. Derek Nakluski won the Detroit Marathon to stay undefeated this fall, though he says he’s done with the marathon for awhile!

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