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Winter Blues

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Running

After a very interseting fall season that had some real fun races and the good weather that is now past, it’s time to get ready for a new season. That means starting at the base phase again. I don’t mind this, but it’s tough as a runner trying to get fit again. It’s winter so it’s cold and trying to get out the door can be tough, with any serious race plans monthes away it’s hard to get motivated at this time of year. I guess the good thing as a runner is we haven’t seen much snow yet, although it could just mean that it’s on its way and will be here for awhile. For now I’ve been doing runs with Adam Hortian and we’ve added some short tempo’s and hills. We’re planning a low key indoor race in January (which gives me a little something to be excited about, but I don’t know how excited I can get about running 15 laps around a hockey rink) so we will get on the indoor track soon. Yesterday I watched Saint Ralph on Christmas which I recommend to any runner to watch, it got me a little excited. That all being said I still got the winter blues!

Detroit Marathon Interview

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Running

Here is an interview from after the race in Detroit.