Early Season 3k

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Running

Well every new season brings a new build-up and starting anew. Since my last season ended with a Marathon in the fall, a 3k in January is a big difference in distance something I haven’t really focused on in awhile. With training partner Adam Hortian we decided to run a low key indoor race this past weekend to knock off some rust, we had a goal of running 8:45 with just a few indoor track workouts for prep.
Well the race was low key and ended up starting an hour late, but when the gun went off I took the lead for the first K running it in 3 minutes, I didn’t really feel I could go much faster. After that 3 minute K, Adam took the lead and we went through 1500 in about 4:27-8 so the pace was a little quicker. The 2k was passed in 5:57-58 so it didn’t look like are goal was going to be reached, but with 500m to go I took the lead again and really started to push with 400m to go. I thought my push had gotten me the win until Adam pulled beside me on the final straight. It was a battle, but Adam edged me out by .10 of a second. We both ran 8:50 and are last 400m was in about 65 which is great considering the lack of speed work to this point. Although we didn’t run the time we had set we were happy with the second half of the race. We were still within a range of what are goal was and we knocked off some rust, we will improve from this point and the season has yet to really get going. It’s always important to keep races in prospective and an 8:50 is a starting point!

  1. […] A couple other top dudes dropped some interesting times in an indoor 3k. Derek ran a 1:06 half this fall. Between these guys, Martinson and Alan Webb’s now famous 1:55, you’d think the best runners use indoor season as a tool of preparation for the outdoor season that really matters. They are getting the right kind of work done at the right time. Check out Meggan Franks for more on that theme. If you are in university, then running indoors is your job. Kevin Rooke contemplates that side. […]

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