Tough Decision

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Running

So this winter is going to be low key with some lower mileage then I’ve run for awhile, and many base workouts like tempo’s and hills. I don’t really have any races planned for the winter, but that might change, if I do have a race this winter it’ll be just to prepare me for the spring. That’s where the tough decision comes in, I haven’t decided what my racing plans will be for the spring and summer. I have an idea that I’ll either do Around the Bay again or a half marathon. This decision will likely determine what I do for the remainder of the spring/summer. If Around the Bay went well I might consider doing a Marathon in May (although I think I’d like a break from the Marathon) although that doesn’t have to be the case. Personally I’d like to try and run a fast half as well being my pb is 65:25 I would really like to go after a sub 65 in a decent race. Again if I chose the half route I’d likely run one or two road races and then focus on track from late April on. Personally I’ve been back and forth about what race I should do and the route I should focus on for the season. If anyone has any input feel free to comment and maybe leave a possible half suggestion for late March early April.

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