Harry Spring Run Off

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Running

Well other than a slow indoor 3k a few months ago, I got my real start of the season at Harry Spring Run Off 8k. It was time to see how the training would project in a race. I was a little nerves having not raced in awhile and there being a really strong field. Josephat Ongeri took it out fast from the gun and by 1k he had a gap with Matt Loiselle, Kibet Rutto, and myself a few feet behind in chase. The first Km was a quick 2:51 and the field seemed to start to split at this point, we went down the big hill and rolled through 2k in 2:42 and now we’d caught Ongeri and he just joined are four man lead pack. I was staying in the back to have the others block the wind a bit. Going into the 3k was a nice uphill, half way up the hill was the 3k that we hit in 8:44. When we reached the top of the hill Matt took over the pacing and seemed to go into beast mood. Shortly after 4k Matt and Kibet made a gap on me, but I was able to work my way back. Just before 5k they pulled away again as we went into a downhill. This time they pulled away for good. Shortly after the break Matt started to pull away from Kibet and we all had a fair distance between each other. I just stayed focused and wanted to get to the finish. When I went through 7k Kibet had a fairly good lead and I just hung in there till the hill which was 400m from the finish. I noticed Kibet was hurting on the hill and I increased my efforts in pursuit. I was eating up ground and wasn’t sure if there was enough space to catch him, but near the top of the hill I was close and turned it up another gear and was able to pull away for 2nd place in 24:10. I was very happy with the race and it sets me up for a good 5k at Gina Relays in a few weeks.

Top five
1 23:54.6 1 LOISELLE, Matt M 27 Toronto
2 24:10.7 3 NAKLUSKI, Derek M 29 Kitchener
3 24:17.3 4 RUTTO, Kibet M 25 Waterloo
4 24:41.4 5 ONGERI, Josephat M 33 Hamilton
5 24:48.3 16 HORTIAN, Adam M 27 Waterloo

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