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London 5k

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Running

Well last night was my second attempt at the Canadian trails standard of 14:25 in London Ontario. The race had a really good field and went off after 9:20 so the weather was great it was cool and not much wind, which is something I’m not too use to as my workouts tend to be done in windy conditions. The warm-up was nice I ran with Saheed Khan and he kept my mind off the race. When the race did start I was on the outside and got out good right near the front, the total opposite of what I did in my last attempt in Michigan. I let the leaders have a little gap as I knew they were planning to run a little faster then I wanted to go and I was leading a chase pack not to far back of the lead pack. I went through 1k in 2:48 which felt good, but it was still early and that pace would catch up with the field. The next 2k were steady with some changes of positions a few of the guys from the lead group came back and a few guys from the chase pack made a move to get to the lead pack. I was still part of the chase pack and went through 3k in 8:32 a few seconds faster then in Michigan. I knew the standard was within reach and just had to run a solid last 2k and not blow up like I did in Michigan. A few guys made there way past me, but I still maintained a decent pace. I went through 4k in 11:26 and knew I just needed a sum 2:59 km to get the standard. Each lap I felt like I should really go after it, there was a group of guys running just ahead of me, but I never made that move. At 4800 I went through in 13:49 and wasn’t really sure about the math so I put in a surge to finish off the back of a pack of four other runners closing in 33 seconds to finish with a 14:22 and get the standard. I was happy to hit the mark, but would like to have put it on the line a little more at the end of the race and maybe finish with a quicker time and a better place. My last race in Michigan I went through 3k in 8:35 and the last 2k in 6:10, last night I went through 3k in 8:32 and the last 2k was 2:50. This shows improvement, but I would like to run that last 2k at the same pace as the first 3k and I’m headed in that direction. Now with about a month to go until Nationals I have time to train and show some more improvement at nationals. Also I will get the chance to race many of the guys that finished ahead of me last night, it should be a good race at nationals and I got my standard.


1 Kelly Wiebe M Excel Track Club 14:07.16
2 Robert Scribner M85 Hansons-Brooks 14:11.11
3 Allan Brett M88 Speed River TFC 14:13.52
4 Hussein Hashi M89 Toronto Olympic 14:15.00
5 Aaron Hendrikx M93 London Runner Di 14:21.18
6 Matt Loiselle M84 Athletics Toronto 14:21.88
7 Kyle O’Neill M89 London Runner Di 14:22.13
8 Derek Nakluski M82 Toronto Olympic 14:22.60
9 Andrew Nixon M91 Speed River TFC 14:32.29
10 David Laney M89 Hansons-Brooks 14:38.85

Need For Speed

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Running

After running well for 8k at Harry Spring Run Off in High Park, I knew I was in good shape a 24:10 on that course is very good. So I went into my next race, Gina Relays feeling really confident, and went out quick going through 3k in 8:35 and I was still around 8th place at that time, man those college guys got out fast. The end result at Gina wasn’t pretty I finished in 14:45 or a 6:10 last 2k. So from Harry Spring, I knew I was still strong and falling apart after 3k at Gina showed I lacked something. Speed, so now I have another 5k race coming up in London on Wednesday May 23rd and I am gunning for the Olympic Trails standard of 14:25. So what have I been doing since Gina Relays? Well for the most part I’ve been on the track working mostly on my speed with a few pace workouts thrown in to keep me ready for the 5k. I feel I’m a little more prepared to run the 5k on the track, it’s a whole different world running on the track then on the roads and you need to be well rounded for your event to run your best. I feel that my speed has come along well now being able to run 60-63 second quarters when I was having trouble hitting 67-68’s. I’ve come a long way since Gina and am getting a chance to redeem myself on the 23rd. Like a pitcher that has just had a bad game and wants to get back on the mound and get back on track, that’s what I’m looking to do, although it’s on the track where I have to do it.

Terry Goodenough Memorial Run

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Running

Well it’s been two years since my coach and friend Terry Goodenough passed away. Terry was my coach for over 10 years, starting when I was an immature 10th grader, through my college years, and into my post college years. Terry helped me develop as a runner and as a person, although I stayed immature for longer than most people and have gone down some wrong paths, Terry would always be there to correct my ways and let me make my mistakes (allowing me to learn in a different way). It wasn’t till after I graduated university that I made my first of seven national teams and it was with the help of Terry guiding me and getting the best out of me that I was able to make these teams. I was very happy when I was able to be on the Ekiden team with Terry as he was one of the coaches, he made the process of running fun and always had a way of making both good and bad races feel better. If I would run bad and feel disappointed he would turn it into a positive, and when I would run well he would keep me grounded, allow me to enjoy my success, but not become over cocky. Advice and wisdom from Terry was something that I grew accustom too, going over training, race plans, season prep, and workouts. When he passed it was hard and I still look for that wisdom and guidance that he provided, and many times when I want to discuss something from running to my personal life, I really wish he was still around to provide me with his calming advice and guidance in those tough times.

May 12th was the Terry Goodenough Memorial Run, they had a ground breaking at the Waterloo Cross Country Cross which they plan to extend for the fall, and have added two big rocks with a memorial plaque for his memory. The run was fun and most people took it easy, I decided to run the 4k hard and push myself, I wanted to run the way I always run, the way Terry knew me to run, always trying to run my best and trying to win. I ended up running the 4k by myself in 12:35. Terry always allowed his athletes to decide what they wanted out of running and then he would train them accordingly. I wanted to win OFFSA medals, a scholarship to an American University, to make national teams and Terry trained me accordingly and I was able to achieve these goals. There are other goals I have in my running and personal life that I still seek to achieve, and will continue to strive to achieve them.

Gina Relays

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Running

After not racing on the track outdoors for well over a year, I kicked off my quest to run the Olympic Trials in Calgary at Gina Relays in the 5k. The trials standard is 14:25 and I was going to try and get it at Gina Relays. The race is located in Hillsdale Michigan about a five hour drive from Kitchener where I live. So Adam my training partner and I went down the day before to cover the travel. The Friday the day of the race was tough as the races Adam (10k 10pm also looking for the Olympic Trails Standard) and myself (5k 9:15pm) had us sitting around are room most of the day, would really have liked to have raced in the morning to avoid having the race looming over us all day.
Well 9:15 came, and I was quite nervous leading up too the race, hadn’t been on the track in so long. When the gun went off I got off to a horrible start, with 30 plus guys in the race getting off the line slow put me near the back of the pack. I wanted to get back in the mix near the front and spent a lot of energy passing guys on the outside and working my way through the pack to get closer to the front. After moving up I went through the first K in 2:53, but having to weave in and out in the outside lanes took something out of me. The next 2K were similar pace wise as I still went through 3k in 8:35, at this point I was on pace for my goal, but I also had something going through my head that was saying this is fast and it’ll be tough to keep up this pace. I had a rough last 2k, but the last two laps where likely the worst as it was at this point I truly released I wasn’t going to get the standard and that really put me in “just finish mode”. I was passed by a few runners on the last two laps and really didn’t put up a fight. I finished in 14:45 which had my last 2k at 6:10 not very promising. I have to say I was upset with the outcome as I felt I should have been able to run the standard with no troubles.
Going forward I realized that I haven’t done all that much speed stuff. It was also pointed out to me that I’m coming off marathon training over the past year, so transitioning to the 5k might be tough. Going forward I need to do more track/speed workouts that will benefit my 5k. I plan to run another 5k on the track on May 23rd in London Ontario, it will be make or break as there really isn’t any more 5k’s in the area after that. Giving me three weeks to get to that standard, time to step it up and make my goal a reality.
Also Adam ran 30:45 and got the 10k standard for the Olympic Trails, it will be the first Olympic Trails for him, I’m happy that he was able to accomplish this goal and I hope to join him in Calgary at the Olympic Trails in late June.