Terry Goodenough Memorial Run

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Running

Well it’s been two years since my coach and friend Terry Goodenough passed away. Terry was my coach for over 10 years, starting when I was an immature 10th grader, through my college years, and into my post college years. Terry helped me develop as a runner and as a person, although I stayed immature for longer than most people and have gone down some wrong paths, Terry would always be there to correct my ways and let me make my mistakes (allowing me to learn in a different way). It wasn’t till after I graduated university that I made my first of seven national teams and it was with the help of Terry guiding me and getting the best out of me that I was able to make these teams. I was very happy when I was able to be on the Ekiden team with Terry as he was one of the coaches, he made the process of running fun and always had a way of making both good and bad races feel better. If I would run bad and feel disappointed he would turn it into a positive, and when I would run well he would keep me grounded, allow me to enjoy my success, but not become over cocky. Advice and wisdom from Terry was something that I grew accustom too, going over training, race plans, season prep, and workouts. When he passed it was hard and I still look for that wisdom and guidance that he provided, and many times when I want to discuss something from running to my personal life, I really wish he was still around to provide me with his calming advice and guidance in those tough times.

May 12th was the Terry Goodenough Memorial Run, they had a ground breaking at the Waterloo Cross Country Cross which they plan to extend for the fall, and have added two big rocks with a memorial plaque for his memory. The run was fun and most people took it easy, I decided to run the 4k hard and push myself, I wanted to run the way I always run, the way Terry knew me to run, always trying to run my best and trying to win. I ended up running the 4k by myself in 12:35. Terry always allowed his athletes to decide what they wanted out of running and then he would train them accordingly. I wanted to win OFFSA medals, a scholarship to an American University, to make national teams and Terry trained me accordingly and I was able to achieve these goals. There are other goals I have in my running and personal life that I still seek to achieve, and will continue to strive to achieve them.

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