Need For Speed

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Running

After running well for 8k at Harry Spring Run Off in High Park, I knew I was in good shape a 24:10 on that course is very good. So I went into my next race, Gina Relays feeling really confident, and went out quick going through 3k in 8:35 and I was still around 8th place at that time, man those college guys got out fast. The end result at Gina wasn’t pretty I finished in 14:45 or a 6:10 last 2k. So from Harry Spring, I knew I was still strong and falling apart after 3k at Gina showed I lacked something. Speed, so now I have another 5k race coming up in London on Wednesday May 23rd and I am gunning for the Olympic Trails standard of 14:25. So what have I been doing since Gina Relays? Well for the most part I’ve been on the track working mostly on my speed with a few pace workouts thrown in to keep me ready for the 5k. I feel I’m a little more prepared to run the 5k on the track, it’s a whole different world running on the track then on the roads and you need to be well rounded for your event to run your best. I feel that my speed has come along well now being able to run 60-63 second quarters when I was having trouble hitting 67-68’s. I’ve come a long way since Gina and am getting a chance to redeem myself on the 23rd. Like a pitcher that has just had a bad game and wants to get back on the mound and get back on track, that’s what I’m looking to do, although it’s on the track where I have to do it.

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