London 5k

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Running

Well last night was my second attempt at the Canadian trails standard of 14:25 in London Ontario. The race had a really good field and went off after 9:20 so the weather was great it was cool and not much wind, which is something I’m not too use to as my workouts tend to be done in windy conditions. The warm-up was nice I ran with Saheed Khan and he kept my mind off the race. When the race did start I was on the outside and got out good right near the front, the total opposite of what I did in my last attempt in Michigan. I let the leaders have a little gap as I knew they were planning to run a little faster then I wanted to go and I was leading a chase pack not to far back of the lead pack. I went through 1k in 2:48 which felt good, but it was still early and that pace would catch up with the field. The next 2k were steady with some changes of positions a few of the guys from the lead group came back and a few guys from the chase pack made a move to get to the lead pack. I was still part of the chase pack and went through 3k in 8:32 a few seconds faster then in Michigan. I knew the standard was within reach and just had to run a solid last 2k and not blow up like I did in Michigan. A few guys made there way past me, but I still maintained a decent pace. I went through 4k in 11:26 and knew I just needed a sum 2:59 km to get the standard. Each lap I felt like I should really go after it, there was a group of guys running just ahead of me, but I never made that move. At 4800 I went through in 13:49 and wasn’t really sure about the math so I put in a surge to finish off the back of a pack of four other runners closing in 33 seconds to finish with a 14:22 and get the standard. I was happy to hit the mark, but would like to have put it on the line a little more at the end of the race and maybe finish with a quicker time and a better place. My last race in Michigan I went through 3k in 8:35 and the last 2k in 6:10, last night I went through 3k in 8:32 and the last 2k was 2:50. This shows improvement, but I would like to run that last 2k at the same pace as the first 3k and I’m headed in that direction. Now with about a month to go until Nationals I have time to train and show some more improvement at nationals. Also I will get the chance to race many of the guys that finished ahead of me last night, it should be a good race at nationals and I got my standard.


1 Kelly Wiebe M Excel Track Club 14:07.16
2 Robert Scribner M85 Hansons-Brooks 14:11.11
3 Allan Brett M88 Speed River TFC 14:13.52
4 Hussein Hashi M89 Toronto Olympic 14:15.00
5 Aaron Hendrikx M93 London Runner Di 14:21.18
6 Matt Loiselle M84 Athletics Toronto 14:21.88
7 Kyle O’Neill M89 London Runner Di 14:22.13
8 Derek Nakluski M82 Toronto Olympic 14:22.60
9 Andrew Nixon M91 Speed River TFC 14:32.29
10 David Laney M89 Hansons-Brooks 14:38.85

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