Canadian Trials

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Running

This past weekend was the Canadian National Championships and Olympic Trials, I decided to focus on this event in the spring as it may be the last Olympic Trials I’ll run. I was going in looking for a medal and throughout this season I’ve been improving on the track and getting back some of my form and speed. I felt confident going into the race and wasn’t to nervous leading up to it, when they took us on the track we had 15-20 minutes to do strides, it seemed so long just standing around, sorry I can’t do strides for 20 minutes. The race also went off a little late maybe 20-30 minutes. When the gun went off the race went out slow, I mean real slow like close to 80 second 400m pace, so I took over and made the pace a modest 72-73 second pace, not fast, but respectable. A slow race wasn’t going to suit me, because the field was full of guys with faster kicks, at least from the front I could see things coming. After the first lap I was feeling some pain in my right knee, it’s something that has affected me in the past and usually sparks up when I’m doing track workouts or races. The pain had me contemplating dropping out, and it was burning off some of my energy worrying about it, at around 2k the knee pain faded away, but I just couldn’t seem to increase the pace. With 1200m to go fellow TOC teammate Hussein Hashi made a strong move to the front, after that the pace picked up and I didn’t respond well, and was passed by the majority of the field. Hashi made a great move and it paid off with a bronze medal, I heard Cam Levins won the race with a crazy kick 200m out and qualified for the Olympics in the 5k and 10k. I look forward to seeing that kick when he runs in London. I ended up finishing 8th in 15:12, should I have not taken the lead? Maybe, maybe not, but I still don’t think I would have gotten a medal, so I’m happy with my decision to take the lead when I did, it’s not everyday you lead the 5k at the Olympic trials, and personally even though it was a championship meet and these races tend to be slower, I just couldn’t see myself strolling around the track at such a pedestrian pace.

All in all the track season wasn’t my favourite, my favourite/best race this season was the Harry Spring Run Off 8k in April, I came 2nd there and was excited and enjoyed myself. I don’t know for sure, but the trials may have been my last track race. I enjoy the roads much more, the races, the prize money, the workouts, the courses. I just don’t enjoy running around the oval 12 and a half times, not to mention the knee problems that I’ve had. That being said I’m taking a few weeks off then getting back into it for the fall, with some road races and perhaps some cross country!

  1. Kanye East says:

    respect for making it atleast a respectable pace. good luck in your fall training/races!

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