New Season

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Running

While fall is on it’s way and I’m hoping to run on the roads and maybe some cross country this fall. Yesterday I did my first workout a figur 8 loop in Waterloo Park on a grass loop which is rolling with a few up hills and a few down hills. It’s about a 1k loop maybe longer. Being my first workout I decided to do 5x figur 8 with 2:30 recovery. I expected to run around 3:30 for the loop as 3:20 is a decent time and 3:10 is really solid, and when I’m really moving I’ve gone under 3 minutes, so being my first one I was expecting 3:30, so I was surprised when I crossed the line in 3:14. My next four were all solid 3:15,3;14,3;10,3:11 this makes me feel good. I’m racing this sunday in a low key 10k so I hope to get a gauge of where I’m at, but I feel that this workout points to a good season opener.

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