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While today I ran the Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto my second race of the season. It also was the Canadian Road Race Championships. I started off well with the lead group going down a long hill, two runners went out ahead, but I felt they would come back to us. Shortly after 1k the downhill, we turned the opposite direction to go up the hill we just went down. The group was packed together with seven guys and the two that were out ahead. After 3k there was another complete turn around where you basically had to stop and rebuild your momentum. I think this got to me a bit and between 4-5k I fell off the pack, at 5k another runner that was running with that lead group also passed me and we went through 5k in 15:14, my second half wasn’t to eventful as I was by myself and ended up running a huge positive split of 16:30, one runner moved up on me, but I held him off to come 9th. My last race I ran over 33 minutes to start the season and today I finished in 31:44, can’t say it was my best race, but an improvement. My next race is a half marathon in Niagara in about a month, hoping to make some improvements.

1 Reid COOLSAET Hamilton 0:30:24.7, 3:03, 0:15:07.2, 0:15:17.5
2 Dancan KASIA Winnipeg 0:30:31.1, 3:03, 0:14:55.6, 0:15:35.5
3 Robin WATSON Vancouver 0:30:35.4, 3:04, 0:15:06.3, 0:15:29.2
4 Matt BRUNSTING Guelph 0:30:36.7, 3:04, 0:15:06.7, 0:15:30.0
5 Rejean CHIASSON Toronto 0:30:48.9, 3:05, 0:15:06.4, 0:15:42.6
6 Kyle BOORSMA Guelph 0:30:58.9, 3:06, 0:15:07.1, 0:15:51.8
7 Sam PAWLUK Richmond 0:31:07.9, 3:07, 0:15:07.8, 0:16:00.2
8 Terence ATTEMA Smithville 0:31:15.6, 3:08, 0:15:14.3, 0:16:01.3
9 Derek NAKLUSKI Kitchener 0:31:44.5, 3:11,0:15:14.2, 0:16:30.3
10 David JACKSON Abbotsford 0:31:46.8, 3:11, 0:15:39.2, 0:16:07.6