Re Fridgee 8er

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Running

Well after a long lay off due to injury, I had the chance to run my first race of the year an 8k in Waterloo in my hometown. It was my second races since coming back from a year long injury so it was a big test. Training had been going well so I didn’t know what to expect. The race went out controlled and I took the lead early, it would appear that I’d be on my own for this low key race. The first k was quick in 3:06, the course was a big loop with the start and end having the wind at my back and in my face in the middle. I went through 4k the half way point in 12:45ish and struggled with the wind in my face. Around the 6k mark I made the turn so I wasn’t dealing with the wind anymore. I had slowed on the middle part of the race, but began to pick it up the last 2k and the last k was good I felt I was able to increase my pace for the k. this was a great sign being able to finish strong. I ended up crossing the finish in 25:35 nearly even splits. I was very happy with the effort and feel confident going forward. I felt a sub 26 before the race would have been a great effort so I exceeded my expectations (on my own).

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