Re Fridgee 8er

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Running

Well after a long lay off due to injury, I had the chance to run my first race of the year an 8k in Waterloo in my hometown. It was my second races since coming back from a year long injury so it was a big test. Training had been going well so I didn’t know what to expect. The race went out controlled and I took the lead early, it would appear that I’d be on my own for this low key race. The first k was quick in 3:06, the course was a big loop with the start and end having the wind at my back and in my face in the middle. I went through 4k the half way point in 12:45ish and struggled with the wind in my face. Around the 6k mark I made the turn so I wasn’t dealing with the wind anymore. I had slowed on the middle part of the race, but began to pick it up the last 2k and the last k was good I felt I was able to increase my pace for the k. this was a great sign being able to finish strong. I ended up crossing the finish in 25:35 nearly even splits. I was very happy with the effort and feel confident going forward. I felt a sub 26 before the race would have been a great effort so I exceeded my expectations (on my own).

Long Road Back

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Running

Hello, I’ve been gone for quite awhile, due to an injury I have been on the sidelines for about 10 months. Now it’s time to get back in shape, ran low key 5k in 16:50ish it let me know I’m a ways from where I’d like to be. This fall/winter will be a time to regain fitness and focus, and get in some good mileage before I get back to completing in the spring. Right now I’m up to running an hour a day with one or two days off a week, and an easy workout once a week. My goal is to do shorter races 5-10k in the spring, then maybe cross country and half marathon in the fall, working back to the marathon in 2015. At this point I’m just happy to be running again, can’t wait to be competitive and racing again!

Berwick Run for the Diamonds 9 miler

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Running

Well I’ve really enjoyed running historical races, and Berwick has a long history being the 103rd running. With the top seven men and women winning diamonds (rings for the men and pendents for the women), so it had it’s appeals. I love being part of the history of such historic races as Around the Bay and wanted to make my mark at Berwick and bring home a diamond.

My high school coach Mr. Atkinson told me about the race a few years ago and Adam my training partner and myself were all set to go, but got selected to the Canadian Ekiden team competing in Japan, which conflicted with the Run for the Diamonds, but I knew I wanted to run it and two years later I went down to Berwick with Mr Atkinson. The stories I had heard were about the hill (a long uphill that lasted 1.7 miles), so I wanted to run the course the day before to see what I’d be dealing with, running a course gives you the best idea of what you’ll be dealing with race day. That evening before the race there was a pasta dinner, and the winner from last year Fred Joslyn was the guest speaker, he went over the race from last year that he won by less then a second. He stated how he was able to work the down hills to keep contact in the race, he also mentioned how he ran the 2012 US Olympic trials in the marathon. So this was my main competition and he had revealed some of his strengths and weaknesses in his speech.

On race day it was decent weather cool and sunny, but nice enough for shorts and singlet, I did a slow 20 minute warm up. When the race started I headed for the front Joslyn set the early pace and at 1 mile which was mostly flat we went through in 4:50 and had pulled away from the rest of the field we felt each other out during the next mile easing off a bit with a 5 minute mile before the hill. At the hill I just maintained and didn’t really pick up the pace, but began to pull away from Joslyn, the hill was tough and the pace was much slower, which was to be expected. After the hill there was some big downhills with a few ups in there. I had figured Joslyn was done and I had the race won until after a long downhill and a sharp turn at the halfway mark I heard foot steps Joslyn had pulled right up on me, after the turn there was a decent up hill and I pushed the pace to gain back some more of my lead. As the race went on I felt every down was working against me and worked the uphill’s to help maintain my lead. The course had many spectators so I listened for the cheers after I had passed to determine my lead, a few times I had people tell me I had 50 yards on him, but he never seemed to really fall back which kept me honest. Down the final street, which at about a km distance seemed so long, but I was able to run in for the victory in 45:51 (5:06 avg. miles) ten seconds ahead of Joslyn. It was a great day and the people of Berwick were very nice as well as the race director Margaret Livsey. I won a diamond and carried on a tradition of strong Canadian finishes, throughout the years many Canadians have contended and won the Run for the Diamonds and I’m just happy to put my name in with such great athletes that have won the Run for the Diamonds in the past.

Niagara Falls Half…3rd times a charm

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Running

Going into the Niagara Falls Half, I felt good having done two weeks of really solid half type training, the week going into the half I did one stride workout and finished with a short 10 minute tempo and the rest of the week I just ran 60-70 minute runs and was feeling really fresh going into the race.

Warming up I noticed a strong head-wind which would be right in our faces heading towards Niagara Falls. So when the gun went off and Rejean took the lead I just got in behind him to block some of the wind. In the early stages there was three of us that pulled away from the gun. I liked this as my best finish in my past two attempts was 4th, but I had my heart set on going for the win. I made the smart move of staying in the back, we went through 5k in 15:14, and are split times seemed to be all over the place. We still went through 10k in around 30:50 or so and despite the pace slowing a bit that was a great split through 10k. Sometime after 10k the third runner started falling off some and Rejean, with me in tow pulled away, making it a two man race for the win. Rejean had run the Toronto Marathon the pervious weekend doing some pacing duties there he ran in the 2:30’s so I knew he couldn’t have fully recovered from that yet. With 8k to go I made a move to pass Rejean as I noticed he was slowing a bit, he said “it’s about time,” as I passed, as he had been leading for most of the 13k to that point into the wind. I made a small gap right off and started to extend it and was shortly running on my own towards the finish. I went through 10 miles in around 49:30 and made my way towards the finish. Coming in on my own I won the Niagara Falls half in 65:34, (9 seconds off my personal best from my 4th place finish at Niagara Falls 65:25). This time I felt a lot better going towards the finish and was very happy to win the race.

My last race of the season will be on American Thanksgiving where I’ll be going down to Berwick, Penn. for the Run for the Diamonds 9 mile race.

1 Derek NAKLUSKI Kitchener 1:05:34.2, 3:07
2 Rejean CHIASSON Toronto 1:06:15.7, 3:09
3 Evans Maiko MOMANYI Hamilton 1:10:55.3, 3:22

While today I ran the Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto my second race of the season. It also was the Canadian Road Race Championships. I started off well with the lead group going down a long hill, two runners went out ahead, but I felt they would come back to us. Shortly after 1k the downhill, we turned the opposite direction to go up the hill we just went down. The group was packed together with seven guys and the two that were out ahead. After 3k there was another complete turn around where you basically had to stop and rebuild your momentum. I think this got to me a bit and between 4-5k I fell off the pack, at 5k another runner that was running with that lead group also passed me and we went through 5k in 15:14, my second half wasn’t to eventful as I was by myself and ended up running a huge positive split of 16:30, one runner moved up on me, but I held him off to come 9th. My last race I ran over 33 minutes to start the season and today I finished in 31:44, can’t say it was my best race, but an improvement. My next race is a half marathon in Niagara in about a month, hoping to make some improvements.

1 Reid COOLSAET Hamilton 0:30:24.7, 3:03, 0:15:07.2, 0:15:17.5
2 Dancan KASIA Winnipeg 0:30:31.1, 3:03, 0:14:55.6, 0:15:35.5
3 Robin WATSON Vancouver 0:30:35.4, 3:04, 0:15:06.3, 0:15:29.2
4 Matt BRUNSTING Guelph 0:30:36.7, 3:04, 0:15:06.7, 0:15:30.0
5 Rejean CHIASSON Toronto 0:30:48.9, 3:05, 0:15:06.4, 0:15:42.6
6 Kyle BOORSMA Guelph 0:30:58.9, 3:06, 0:15:07.1, 0:15:51.8
7 Sam PAWLUK Richmond 0:31:07.9, 3:07, 0:15:07.8, 0:16:00.2
8 Terence ATTEMA Smithville 0:31:15.6, 3:08, 0:15:14.3, 0:16:01.3
9 Derek NAKLUSKI Kitchener 0:31:44.5, 3:11,0:15:14.2, 0:16:30.3
10 David JACKSON Abbotsford 0:31:46.8, 3:11, 0:15:39.2, 0:16:07.6

New Season

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Running

While fall is on it’s way and I’m hoping to run on the roads and maybe some cross country this fall. Yesterday I did my first workout a figur 8 loop in Waterloo Park on a grass loop which is rolling with a few up hills and a few down hills. It’s about a 1k loop maybe longer. Being my first workout I decided to do 5x figur 8 with 2:30 recovery. I expected to run around 3:30 for the loop as 3:20 is a decent time and 3:10 is really solid, and when I’m really moving I’ve gone under 3 minutes, so being my first one I was expecting 3:30, so I was surprised when I crossed the line in 3:14. My next four were all solid 3:15,3;14,3;10,3:11 this makes me feel good. I’m racing this sunday in a low key 10k so I hope to get a gauge of where I’m at, but I feel that this workout points to a good season opener.

Canadian Trials

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Running

This past weekend was the Canadian National Championships and Olympic Trials, I decided to focus on this event in the spring as it may be the last Olympic Trials I’ll run. I was going in looking for a medal and throughout this season I’ve been improving on the track and getting back some of my form and speed. I felt confident going into the race and wasn’t to nervous leading up to it, when they took us on the track we had 15-20 minutes to do strides, it seemed so long just standing around, sorry I can’t do strides for 20 minutes. The race also went off a little late maybe 20-30 minutes. When the gun went off the race went out slow, I mean real slow like close to 80 second 400m pace, so I took over and made the pace a modest 72-73 second pace, not fast, but respectable. A slow race wasn’t going to suit me, because the field was full of guys with faster kicks, at least from the front I could see things coming. After the first lap I was feeling some pain in my right knee, it’s something that has affected me in the past and usually sparks up when I’m doing track workouts or races. The pain had me contemplating dropping out, and it was burning off some of my energy worrying about it, at around 2k the knee pain faded away, but I just couldn’t seem to increase the pace. With 1200m to go fellow TOC teammate Hussein Hashi made a strong move to the front, after that the pace picked up and I didn’t respond well, and was passed by the majority of the field. Hashi made a great move and it paid off with a bronze medal, I heard Cam Levins won the race with a crazy kick 200m out and qualified for the Olympics in the 5k and 10k. I look forward to seeing that kick when he runs in London. I ended up finishing 8th in 15:12, should I have not taken the lead? Maybe, maybe not, but I still don’t think I would have gotten a medal, so I’m happy with my decision to take the lead when I did, it’s not everyday you lead the 5k at the Olympic trials, and personally even though it was a championship meet and these races tend to be slower, I just couldn’t see myself strolling around the track at such a pedestrian pace.

All in all the track season wasn’t my favourite, my favourite/best race this season was the Harry Spring Run Off 8k in April, I came 2nd there and was excited and enjoyed myself. I don’t know for sure, but the trials may have been my last track race. I enjoy the roads much more, the races, the prize money, the workouts, the courses. I just don’t enjoy running around the oval 12 and a half times, not to mention the knee problems that I’ve had. That being said I’m taking a few weeks off then getting back into it for the fall, with some road races and perhaps some cross country!

London 5k

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Running

Well last night was my second attempt at the Canadian trails standard of 14:25 in London Ontario. The race had a really good field and went off after 9:20 so the weather was great it was cool and not much wind, which is something I’m not too use to as my workouts tend to be done in windy conditions. The warm-up was nice I ran with Saheed Khan and he kept my mind off the race. When the race did start I was on the outside and got out good right near the front, the total opposite of what I did in my last attempt in Michigan. I let the leaders have a little gap as I knew they were planning to run a little faster then I wanted to go and I was leading a chase pack not to far back of the lead pack. I went through 1k in 2:48 which felt good, but it was still early and that pace would catch up with the field. The next 2k were steady with some changes of positions a few of the guys from the lead group came back and a few guys from the chase pack made a move to get to the lead pack. I was still part of the chase pack and went through 3k in 8:32 a few seconds faster then in Michigan. I knew the standard was within reach and just had to run a solid last 2k and not blow up like I did in Michigan. A few guys made there way past me, but I still maintained a decent pace. I went through 4k in 11:26 and knew I just needed a sum 2:59 km to get the standard. Each lap I felt like I should really go after it, there was a group of guys running just ahead of me, but I never made that move. At 4800 I went through in 13:49 and wasn’t really sure about the math so I put in a surge to finish off the back of a pack of four other runners closing in 33 seconds to finish with a 14:22 and get the standard. I was happy to hit the mark, but would like to have put it on the line a little more at the end of the race and maybe finish with a quicker time and a better place. My last race in Michigan I went through 3k in 8:35 and the last 2k in 6:10, last night I went through 3k in 8:32 and the last 2k was 2:50. This shows improvement, but I would like to run that last 2k at the same pace as the first 3k and I’m headed in that direction. Now with about a month to go until Nationals I have time to train and show some more improvement at nationals. Also I will get the chance to race many of the guys that finished ahead of me last night, it should be a good race at nationals and I got my standard.


1 Kelly Wiebe M Excel Track Club 14:07.16
2 Robert Scribner M85 Hansons-Brooks 14:11.11
3 Allan Brett M88 Speed River TFC 14:13.52
4 Hussein Hashi M89 Toronto Olympic 14:15.00
5 Aaron Hendrikx M93 London Runner Di 14:21.18
6 Matt Loiselle M84 Athletics Toronto 14:21.88
7 Kyle O’Neill M89 London Runner Di 14:22.13
8 Derek Nakluski M82 Toronto Olympic 14:22.60
9 Andrew Nixon M91 Speed River TFC 14:32.29
10 David Laney M89 Hansons-Brooks 14:38.85

Need For Speed

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Running

After running well for 8k at Harry Spring Run Off in High Park, I knew I was in good shape a 24:10 on that course is very good. So I went into my next race, Gina Relays feeling really confident, and went out quick going through 3k in 8:35 and I was still around 8th place at that time, man those college guys got out fast. The end result at Gina wasn’t pretty I finished in 14:45 or a 6:10 last 2k. So from Harry Spring, I knew I was still strong and falling apart after 3k at Gina showed I lacked something. Speed, so now I have another 5k race coming up in London on Wednesday May 23rd and I am gunning for the Olympic Trails standard of 14:25. So what have I been doing since Gina Relays? Well for the most part I’ve been on the track working mostly on my speed with a few pace workouts thrown in to keep me ready for the 5k. I feel I’m a little more prepared to run the 5k on the track, it’s a whole different world running on the track then on the roads and you need to be well rounded for your event to run your best. I feel that my speed has come along well now being able to run 60-63 second quarters when I was having trouble hitting 67-68’s. I’ve come a long way since Gina and am getting a chance to redeem myself on the 23rd. Like a pitcher that has just had a bad game and wants to get back on the mound and get back on track, that’s what I’m looking to do, although it’s on the track where I have to do it.

Terry Goodenough Memorial Run

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Running

Well it’s been two years since my coach and friend Terry Goodenough passed away. Terry was my coach for over 10 years, starting when I was an immature 10th grader, through my college years, and into my post college years. Terry helped me develop as a runner and as a person, although I stayed immature for longer than most people and have gone down some wrong paths, Terry would always be there to correct my ways and let me make my mistakes (allowing me to learn in a different way). It wasn’t till after I graduated university that I made my first of seven national teams and it was with the help of Terry guiding me and getting the best out of me that I was able to make these teams. I was very happy when I was able to be on the Ekiden team with Terry as he was one of the coaches, he made the process of running fun and always had a way of making both good and bad races feel better. If I would run bad and feel disappointed he would turn it into a positive, and when I would run well he would keep me grounded, allow me to enjoy my success, but not become over cocky. Advice and wisdom from Terry was something that I grew accustom too, going over training, race plans, season prep, and workouts. When he passed it was hard and I still look for that wisdom and guidance that he provided, and many times when I want to discuss something from running to my personal life, I really wish he was still around to provide me with his calming advice and guidance in those tough times.

May 12th was the Terry Goodenough Memorial Run, they had a ground breaking at the Waterloo Cross Country Cross which they plan to extend for the fall, and have added two big rocks with a memorial plaque for his memory. The run was fun and most people took it easy, I decided to run the 4k hard and push myself, I wanted to run the way I always run, the way Terry knew me to run, always trying to run my best and trying to win. I ended up running the 4k by myself in 12:35. Terry always allowed his athletes to decide what they wanted out of running and then he would train them accordingly. I wanted to win OFFSA medals, a scholarship to an American University, to make national teams and Terry trained me accordingly and I was able to achieve these goals. There are other goals I have in my running and personal life that I still seek to achieve, and will continue to strive to achieve them.